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July 20, 2011- I SEE YOU!

Good afternoon my baby!

Today is the first time that mommy and I saw a picture of you! Mommy had an ultrasound and there you were! We could hear your heart beat and it sounded like a little lion walking through the jungle “BA BOOM BA BOOM BA BOOM BA BOOM”. The ultrasound light woke you up because you rolled over and your hands and feet were flopping around like crazy! Just so you know… your mommy is making fun of your arm movements and calling you an alien!! 🙂 The doctor measured you and you are only 3 cm long. You have some growing to do 🙂

I don’t think there is any feeling in the world that is quite the same as the first glimpse that you exist and the first sound of your heart beat. To think that every little detail about you was formed by the hand of God… it gives me shivers! A few minutes later Dr. Bazan told us that your birthday would be February 17th!!!! You are 10 weeks old already!! We had NO IDEA!!!!

Wait… I know why you were rockin’ in that belly!!! Mommy and I took you to your first concert last night and you saw Keith Urban and Jake Owen! Were you in there dancing to Barefoot Bluejean Night?

Well baby… 212 days until you are here! I am overwhelmed with excitement!!


July 16, 2011- YOU’RE WHAT?!?!

My dearest child,

Early this morning your mom called me upstairs to show me a little stick that had a “+” on it. When I got to the top of the stairs she had a look of wonder and shock on her face and I am sure my face showed similiar feelings! It has always been my dream to write to you and tell you all of the feelings and emotions that I am going through. I also write this blog so that the world may know how much I instantly loved you and how that love grew. You are an undeserved gift from God and I am truly humbled and thankful that he trusted me enough to love and care for you.

My child, it is truly amazing! When you appeared as a cross on that test, the amount of love I had for you was overwhelming! So many wonderful emotions filled my heart and I went downstairs and had myself a little cry. I already feel you in my heart and soul and there is nothing you could EVER do in life that would make me love you less.

There are so many things I want to teach you. I pray that our relationship be filled with love and friendship. I pray that you grow to love the Lord with all your heart and build a life of servitude to Him. I pray that you love and honor your family, no matter what we may do to make you mad 🙂 I pray that you you advocate for others and never succomb to peer pressure to mistreat others. My child I pray that your work ethic be uncomprable and that you never cease working to improve yourself.

My child you are coming into a life filled iwth people who love you dearly. Very few know your existence at this moment except your grandparents. Grandpa Kevin was shocked… but the excitement in his voice was overwhelming! We drove to Springfield to tell Grandpa Grant and Grandma Barbara in person. We filled baby bottles with their favorite candies and put them in a bag. I will say this… they didn’t get the message until mommy told them, “you are going to be grandparents”! Grandpa Grant just about fell out of his chair with excitement… and it was possibly the first time since I have known him that he didn’t respond with a question…. but his next words were “Grant sounds like a nice name for a baby”.

I am BEYOND excited for your arrival 🙂