So What Are You and What Will You Be?

So my child… we saw you today… and we know what you are!! I must say, it was one of the most exciting heart warming moments of my life!! You already know what you are… but we will draw it out a few moments longer for the benefit of the reader 🙂 I cannot call you by name, because your momma and I are not agreeing at the moment 🙂

This was one of the coolest experiences ever! The nurse showed us your heart and explained how it was strong. Then we saw your brain, spine, eyes, ears, fingers, and toes… everything looked great! Then… THEN… THEN… as eh hem… big as you please… we saw that you were a boy!!!!!!

My baby boy… I had close to a million dreams flow through my brain all at once about you. I could see you kicking and throwing a ball, mowing the yard, and watching football with me. My dreams were big and probably on par for a dad… would you be the Buckeyes quarterback? Run for president someday? Preach every Sunday? Throw a no-hitter in Yankee Stadium?

So now on to your possible names… I am still sold on “Jackson”… but your mom is worried that it is too popular. We somewhat agree on “Carter”… your momma likes “Reid”…”Bentley” has even been discussed….  so really your name could go in any direction. Just know that we are going to put a lot of love and thought into this… so hopefully you won’t be disappointed!

I have had a country song in my head all day as I have been thinking you. It is a father singing about interactions with his son. It goes something like this, “I’ve been watching you… dad ain’t that cool… I’m your buck-a-roo I wanna be just like….. blah blah blah” 🙂 It keeps it real for me that you will be watching everything I do…good and bad. The pressure is on to show you how to be a good man… one better than I am.

There are some things I want you to see in my life that I need to work on. I want you to be able to see Christ in my life… and for you to desire to seek Him and lead your family to him. I want you to fight for the poor and the weak. If you see a boy at school that is being picked on for whatever reason… be his friend. If you see a child at lunch that cannot afford to eat, let me know so I can send extra money with you to school. You put your heart into everything you do and I will support you and encourage you… but I will never let you be a quitter like I was. I know you are going to be an athlete… but be a scholar as well! Grow big and strong physically, but make sure that your heart and mind grow as well.

I have no doubt that a year from now you will be by my side watching the Buckeyes, Browns, Cavs, and Indians. Rooting for any other team is unacceptable in this household. You will have to move in with your grandparents if you choose any of the following to root for: Michigan, LeBron James, or any team from Boston, Pittsburgh, or New York. Your mom is insisting that you take up soccer… and be a kicker in football… but you will start a strict diet and regime in June of next year to become the next great Line Backer at Ohio State. So please rest now while you can.  Your grandpa’s are going to be ready to fill what little free time you will have with loads of fishing (grandpa Kevin), biking (grandpa Grant), and conversion to USC and Arizona sports (grandpa Tom). BUT PLEASE DO NOT let grandpa Grant talking you into wearing biker shorts!

Well I will let you rest up… your busy life starts son!

Good night son




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How do you change the world? That's what I wake up and ask myself every day. Is it through something I say to my boys? To my wife? Something I say or do at work? Who I vote or root for? This blogs shares some simple thoughts on parenting, marriage, leading at work, faith, and the little things we can all do to make the world half full instead of half empty.

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